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Something happened a few weeks ago, my parents found out about the drinking, selfharm, pills and found help for me. Now i talk with someone every week and i have meds. The thing is everyone is thinking now I'm doing so much better, selfharm is less, stopped drinking, have help, have a job, talking to old friends again. And i'm glad they think that, they stopped worrying. But now I am worried. Ok, I made some progress with those things, but my thoughts about suicide has gotten worse. Its not that I'm afraid to die or do it, I just cant put my family through that shit. I really want to die, I started drinking after a louzy suicide attempt and those thoughts has gotten less. Should I start drinking again?? Before its to late. I know thats not really a good way to solve this and I cant afford it, but its the only thing i can think of. I think constantly about suicide and i would love to die, but I cant hurt my family. I dont know what to do. I'm really afraid i will do it.. soon
help ??

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Please don't do it though. You've only just gotten help and in the beginning it might seem as if it doesnt help, maybe you even feel as if it's all gotten worse, but after a while it will get better. that's at least what I've heard.

Please hang in there hun. You can always contact me if you need to talk, rant, vent or whatever. I'm here for you :hug:


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The help maybe making u feel suicidal, cos the "sick" part doesnt want to get well and will use all weapons to stop the healing process. I know that sounds weird but when you are having mental health problems there is always an almighty battle between the healthy and the sick part of the psychi.
Bit like the battle between good and evil I guess. Stick it out, the healthy part wants to win.


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This is gonna sound ridiculous coming from me, but if your thoughts of suicide are getting worse, take a look at the medication side of things. They dont do shit for me right now, but they do help a lot of people. Perhaps they need to change. In the meantime, if drinking is the only option, than perhaps you need to do that, just temporarily, id rather see you drink a little, than leave us. Please dont let your spirit leave us :(


It's only been a few short weeks since you sought help and you can already notice a positive change, if a small one, getting better can take a while so please don't give up hope this early on.
it does take awhile for the full effects of the meds to be known. Something that may make you feel as though your suiside ideation has increased is this. When you start to feel better you have more energy. When you have more energey you feel more like thinking and acting out those thoughts. that is one reason why they want to monitor you so closely after you first start taking meds. I would let the doctors know if you have increades thaoughts, they may need to adjust your meds accordingly. it is all a guessing game and they need a baseline in which to begin. It is important they know the changes as you notice them so they can take a look at things as they progress.
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