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  1. Vapor

    Vapor New Member

    Have you ever felt you was born in the generation or somthing???
    Beofre i start i dont take any drug at all apart from a lil alchole on a weekend!!!
    I have some crazy dreams. And really I have a weird ambition or maybe its just a strong primal feeling :p the thing is I hate the human race, what we have become, The thing we do to other humans and to the earth.
    I dont see why we all work our selves into the ground to have a house or a car I think this crazyness, For if we all felt like I do, We would all be better off. I wish I could have been tribal I wish I could hunt for my own food and and build my own home and move where ever I want to move to when I want to move I wish I had survival skills passed on to me I wish I could know how to make my own weapons to hunt with etc i recons your must be getting the picture now. lol.
    I dream about hunting I dream about living in a jungle. Iam very depressed that Iam not able to do these things or more to the point I wasnt born into it even if I could re-adapt my self to go do this now I still have lost many years. I feel like I cant tell anyone theses things thats why im here, Am I quiet weird????
    Iam a cheff but I hate my job, All I think about is being free I dont see any point in me being alive tbh. I dont see any point in any of us being alive...! Its not like any of us are really doing anything being alive in a moden world, seems to be a waste of my time in genral.

    So please help me! Im feeling very down and a little bit crazy.
  2. Scum

    Scum Well-Known Member

    No, you are not weird at all.

    What I would say is that society guides us to comform, but you don't have to.

    you could have some sort of organic, solar powered, natural house, grow your own vegs, and hunt your own food. You could do it if you wanted to. Sure, it wouldn't be easy, but maybe it might suit you better, or you might realise that it doesn't suit you and you might want to try something else.

    If you hate your job, do you have a job that you would prefer to do? Could you strive towards doing it?

    sometimes the point to being alive in the modern world is to fight those ignorant people who are destroying the world. Things like cutting down the amazon rainforest, poachers poaching already endangered animals, thigns like that. Maybe you might find satisfaction volunteering and going to those places (as part of an organised visit) and helping them like replant trees, or build protective areas for endangered animals, things like that.

    It sounds like you need a purpose in your life, and you are struggling to find one in modern society. Every one has a purpose, just keep hunting and you will find yours.

    Hang in there
  3. Saoirse

    Saoirse Guest

    Personally I see the human race really as some form of cancer. We grew too much and too fast leaving the world behind us kinda thing resulting in the worlds collapse i.e wild life, forests, etc etc etc
  4. Vapor

    Vapor New Member

    sound advise there, though it seem to be quiet hard to find some volenteering events thats dont cost i dont know how could i start my own event??? any one know or can help??
  5. Scum

    Scum Well-Known Member

    You will probably find it costs more to start your own than to join one, but I'm not sure about that.

    Maybe you could try the local church, they will probably have some sort of volunteering links, and be able to direct you to somewhere helpful.

    Also, there will probably be some sort of info near your area, but it's just finding it. I'm not sure what country you are in but in the UK try your yellow pages (there are organisations that are like volunteer hubs, and you could try them and see if they can point you in the right direction), or the CAB who might be able to direct you somewhere.

    I hope you manage to do some and get somewhere with it.

    Take care
  6. zebedee

    zebedee Member

    I know where your coming from about modern life - I just cant understand what most of the sapes (sentient apes) find so cool about most of the culture and bullshit they are fed. I have as much compulsion to have a car , my own house complete with 1000 year mortgage and all that as a fish has to own a bike.

    Ive now started researching permaculture this site opened my eyes to what we can realistically do to get away from some of the rat race.


    hopefully once the wheels have fallen off civilisation we can reclaim some of our dignity and live with nature as opposed to against it.
  7. Greenforest

    Greenforest Well-Known Member

    I have same feelings sometimes. I know life would be harder in a way, but also lot easier. I don't see the reason we work ourselves dead to fit into this modern society, when the meaning of our life is to just live and breed. Though high technology helps us in many ways. Squirrels live, they build a nest, gather food, breed and die. Humans have intelligence, but does it mean we have to develop so complex system around our life? All the education and society, added with the dark parts of humanity, evilness, greed, sadistic enjoyment of others suffering.

    Maybe it's what humans are, and possibly our ancestors one thousand year ago living in their forest communities were just as evil, always despising others. But I have humanist dream of peace. There are good people, I know some. Their soul is pure. But they are only little sparks in this darkness of humanity, get easily covered by it.

    Looks like hobbit house. I wish I lived in some place like Shire, with all the green and good and friendly people. And restful life style.
  8. BrooklynRider

    BrooklynRider Well-Known Member

    I actually have very similar feelings. I find that I just do not buy into the values of our society. I'm on a more spiritual journey and the world is execessively material. I love the natural material world, like you. I could hike woods, mountains or beaches for days. I can't even see a star in the sky where I live. We don't have to conform, but find ways to exploit what exists to get what we want.
  9. All I can say is that I'm in a state where I agree wth you (down and crazy!). We think we're SOOoooo superior, and we try our damndest to keep disconnected from nature, (as if we could ever be apart from it). So clever we are!! We've pretty much fought for and destroyed all aboriginal knowledge and habitats, and their ways of living in harmony with the earth. Some day the earth will no longer be - it's true but it will LONG survive this miserable race of cockraoches - we are TOXIC! We're a huge experiment gone very,very wrong as far as I'm concerned...

    Be angry!! Many of those who knew the ways have been completely downtrodden and dismissed - no matter how much GOOD there is in this life. I gave a shit all my life. I don't care anymore. Some asshole psychic told me I only have to come back one more time at a time when I was UTTERLY DESPERATE to find out if this, my present life was worth surviving, worth learning more about. Know what I secretly said? I've been through 10lifetimes of pain in this ONE - I dont want to KNOW anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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