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Discussion in 'Help Me! I Need to Talk to Someone.' started by Joey.S, Jun 25, 2007.

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  1. Joey.S

    Joey.S Member

    what do you do when everyone who you thought loved you gives up on you. I now have no one that cares anymore.
  2. winston

    winston Well-Known Member

    you're not alone.

    Be aware of that, and know there are others put there.

    Times change, my friend, all is not lost.

    If you'd like to chat, forward your msn and I'll talk


  3. some_dude

    some_dude Member

    because.. everyone is fake.
  4. Fatman1966

    Fatman1966 Antiquitie's Friend

    Not every one is fake

    At my age what would be the point ?

    For people to care about you, you have to do one important thing..........

    let them care for you ?

    That includes, not pushing them away, not freezing them out, talking to them, trusting them, listening to what they have to say and all the other stuff that goes along with "relationships", no matter how hard it is, how much it hurts, or how scarey it is.

    It's very hard to care for someone that doesn't care for themselves.

    If you are not careful you can get caught in a trap, no one cares for you because you clearly dont care about yourself, and you don't care for yourself because you must be worthless, because no one cares for you, and round you go for another self destructive lap.

    You'ld be surprised how long I didn't let people care for me.

    Take care
    Have fun
    Be safe

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  5. zimo

    zimo New Member

    Look for other people who do care? (They do exist somewhere! :))
    Sometimes when people appear to stop caring it's simply that they're burnt out, but it doesn't necessarily mean they don't care any more; they just need time.
  6. altek001

    altek001 Well-Known Member

    some people care in waves. sounds like a strange idea but it happens.

    all O WHATEVER IS THE MATTER?? to 'enh? oh.' in a matter of day. (yes, i did just say 'day.') and back again.

    ......then again, others may call it bipolar.

    let the bipolarity swing around again.

    people care.
    they do.

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