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  1. GinaGina

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    First of all, i shouldnt be complaining. i have everything ive ever wanted. i'm student body vice-president, top 10 in my class and i'm liked. I try so hard to be the best and be perfect. i'm screaming on the inside. my parents dont care about em and i have no real friends. i;m stuck here alone every night thinking of ways ill get people to hang out with me. i try so hard to be cool but i'm really not happy. i hate who i am. i have absolutely no one to talk to. my friends randomly dropped me from the group and no one will answer my calls. my parents ignore me unless i do something wrong. no matter how hard i try to reach perfection, the worse i feel and the more i am put down. i just need someone to talk to..anyone. i dont know hoe ill live any longer without just someone to talk to...
  2. Sinful

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    Do you prefer a listener? I'll listen to anything you have to say.
  3. VoodooWolf

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    i understand you completely that was all of my high schoo (i just graduated) and believe me there were days i would walk through that school and feel like i was completely alone in a fully crowded room....

    if you wanna talk pm me i'll answer and be happy to talk =)
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