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Discussion in 'Help Me! I Need to Talk to Someone.' started by Cygnet, Oct 4, 2007.

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  1. Cygnet

    Cygnet New Member

    I have been feeling pretty okay these last months, I guess the most important thing is I really decided that I want to live, I threw away my razors and I've been trying to think positive and all... but it still doesn't solve the problems. And now the anxiety is coming back, it's all coming back and I don't want things to become like they used to be. I've been to a psychologist a few times, but I don't really think it helps at all. As cliché as it sounds, but I don't thinks she gets me at all. She just sits there nodding.
    And I don't know what i should do.
  2. RunningAway

    RunningAway Well-Known Member

    :hug: well done on your efforts..

    It is not always that easy to simply get rid of depression and SI tendencies :hug: Have you thought about trying a different psychologist? We can not always get along or work with the first one that we try - maybe it is time to ask to see a different person?

    You can talk to me (and I am sure others on the forum) if you think it might help - sometimes I think that you have to have been there yourself to understand others predicaments - though of course we are all different. Is there any reason why it is all coming back? Is there something that has triggered this?

    Here if you need a friend.


  3. Cygnet

    Cygnet New Member

    I don't know how I should explain everything...
    I was just trying so hard to tell myself that everythings fine, but I always get tired after a while. But thank you so much for being so kind, anyway :hug: I really appreciate it.
  4. resistance

    resistance Staff Alumni

    There's nothing wrong with thinking positively, actually, it's a really good thing. You've done well so far and for that you should be proud of yourself. It may help if you write down your feelings and give that note to your psychologist or your doctor. As Sal said, if your psychologist isn't helping then do consider changing to another one. Some are better than others. I'm glad you're reaching out, that's really good, please keep on doing so and don't give in. Here if you want to talk. :hug:
  5. twilightki

    twilightki Well-Known Member

    Throwing away the razors is a revolutionary act. The conscious decision to not do it anymore. Hold onto that, think of that act. You are strong. You can make it.
  6. gentlelady

    gentlelady Staff Alumni

    What courage it took to get rid of the SI things. Don't give up on seeing a professional for help. The psychologist you currently have may not suit you. Sometimes you need to try a few to find the right one. Thinking positive thoughts is a good way to try to ease the depression. There may be an underlying medical condition behind the anxiety. I know if your thyroid isn't functioning properly you can have what feels like panic attacks. May be something to look into, I don't know. It can also cause depression. Don't give up. You can do this. :hug:
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