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    I needed 2 years to post that, i just didnt have enough courage, so please dont try to judge me:(

    I have problems with paraphilia. Not pedophilia or anything what could harm child or animall, but there is a plenty of other things.
    Everything what is not normal turns me on:( Unnormal things turns me on much more than normal. Watching porno with 2 normal adult having sex simply dont turn me on.
    Now here is my problem. I am afraid that when i will have gf i wont be able to be satisfied with normal sex. This is my biggest fear, and i cant sleep because of it. I am only 17 years old:

    As you might now, I am visiting schrink because of depression, social anxiety, panic attacks and obssesive compulsive disorder. But i simply cant talk about paraphilia. Im too ashamed. It plays big role in my low self esteem, i just feel so dirty after watching strange porno... I am becoming more depressed because of it. I dont want to live with this all life. Can paraphilias be cured? Cause i lost hope...:(
    And one thing...Can they get on worse if you watch porno movies with those paraphilias daily? I manage to watch porno films with paraphilias only 1 time every week, but i just cant manage to completly stop watch them:(
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    There is nothing wrong with this. I reassure you. These are all just urges.. fantasies. Everyone has fantasies. I really like teachers.. I really fancy one of my teachers like mad.. there's my fantasy. I know THAT can never happen.

    I think.. if it's a major problem.. you should try and go to your doctor. Speak a little bit to somebody that knows a bit more than me. He may refer you on to a psychologist or whatever they are called..

    I think as long as you don't act on it- it's OK.

    But you were very brave to come out and say that. *hugs*
  3. Hurted

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    Well... my parafilias are very disguisting... And they made me feel so bad... But i am so afraid to speak about it with my schrink:(

    BOLIAO Guest

    well, u can share with us and maybe we can help.
  5. Hurted

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    Urophilia is main problem:sad:
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    I think you'd be surprised to know that interest in urophilia of the fetishistic kind is much more common than you may think.
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    sex is one of the only subjects that no matter how you argue about it, you cant PROVE that one person's view is right over another's.

    id like you to think about a few things when you think about your "problem"

    1. you dont hurt anyone at all.
    2. i cant say i know from experience but i will say that a lot of people probably like different types of sex than most people realize, its a really touchy subject so people get embarrassed and shy about it.
    3. if you believe in such a way that you think the type of sex you are talking about it wrong then think about this, did you ask for this. did you press a button that made you how you are, the only answer is no. experiences shape a human beings personality.
    4.the more you worry about how others judge you the more important it becomes for you to acceptable to people who dont always care for you.

    when i was younger (almost 19 now) i was very confused about sex and no one was there for me to help me understand so i stayed confused and curious and i think it helped shape the messed up person i am today but thats a different story. im glad you asked about this problem, everything i wrote above i believe is mostly factual and not based off my personal opinion(not trying to make you believe what i believe but just help you understand your own feelings). please remember that its what you want that matters.