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  1. aki

    aki Well-Known Member

    I just tried to help someone out who was totally suicidal, I was talking to them for a while. I'm really worried that I might have said or done something wrong....or just not helped enough or gave good advice....I wouldn't really think I was the best person to help them out. I'm really scared that they might do something now and I could have helped them.....I'm really angry at myself right now...
  2. Patch

    Patch Well-Known Member

    If they were really set on it there is nothing more you could have done. But I'm sure they at the very least appreciated that someone took the time to talk to them, just doing that showed them that somebody cares.
  3. aki

    aki Well-Known Member

    I don't think I did a good job though, I think it would have been better if someone else had done it instead. I'm really worried and I really dislike myself right now. I think in this situation it's more important than 'it's the thought that counts'. I really don't know why I did it, I should've let someone else.
  4. x.R.x

    x.R.x Well-Known Member

    you may feel like you didn't do a good job, but regardless of what you said and what advice you gave they are probably just greatful that someone was there in the first place, like patch said

    it's understandable you're worried though :unsure: but try not to beat yourself up about it too much, you were there to talk when they needed someone
  5. Patch

    Patch Well-Known Member

    none of us here are professionals and all we can do really is listen. I'm pretty sure everyone here from time to time has the exact same feelings you do right now. I know I do.
  6. aki

    aki Well-Known Member

    I feel so stupid! Who do I think I am, trying to give advice? Thanks for your replys though, I appreciate it.
  7. lrfc003

    lrfc003 New Member

    i know for a fact that you just being there for them made things better. i wish i had that the times i've tried
  8. ggg456

    ggg456 Guest

    I'm sure you've done all you can. Some places are just unsafe if you tend to get wrapped up in others issues and this place is full of people with all sorts of personalities...who are at all kinds of stages of depression or suicidal thoughts.

    :hug: if you feel talking to certain people is effecting you badly, or you don't think you're equipped to deal with it, it's okay to say that and leave and distance yourself.
    You're not responsible for anybody's life and I'm sure you did all you could.

    I hope you're okay. It does sound scary.
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