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    i want to snap. i live with my mom sadly, she threw me 3 times. the cops were ever so nice to me:mad: . now my gf who i love more than my own life. well i mind as well get to the point i dont like leaveing long posts. i bought her a joury pendent we hit rough times and she gave it to my mom but things are better and i was gonna give it back as a surprize. when i went to get it back she broke it. i freaking out. but im so boken still . i cant stop cring. its what it ment and stood 4. i shakeing at night can barly sleep. i want to cut but dont think it will help anymore im alive and i can feel and its pain. idk what to do. if any1 can say anything id like it. i just need something idk what i guess this is a strrech to post 4 help. idk ill shut up thanks 4 anything any1 posts.
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    Hi there,

    Sorry to hear the pendant is broken.. sounds like it symbolised something very important for you. Was it your mum who broke the pendant? By accident? I wonder if you could talk to your mum about the value of the pendant to you, how much it's affecting you that it's been broken, and maybe she will help out with any financial costs in fixing it?

    Hope things improve for you soon
    Jenny x