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  1. unknown22

    unknown22 New Member

    I have a good life, i go to a excellent college, loving family and i am provided with so many tools to work with. somehow i am still so sad all the time and I know I shouldnt be because my life could be so so so so much worse. I cant make myself feel happy and that is what is killing me. I would be at ease if I just didnt have to live this life anymore. If i didnt have to deal with everybody or anything, I feel like I really important in life to live for. the easiest option right now would be to just never wake up, and I would love for that to happen. Its not that my days are bad or my life is bad at all but some how i am still sad all the time and I just dont think people understand what I am going through. My sister says just branch out more and my life will get better but that is just not going to happen. i need advice.
  2. palmtrees

    palmtrees Well-Known Member

    I don't buy the idea that people are somehow incorrect or bad for being depressed just because it's possible for their life to be worse than it already is. It's not something anyone should have to feel guilty about, you included.

    Could you elaborate on your situation a bit... what do you think would make yourself feel better? What kind of life do you envision where you're happy? Like what kind of goals and activities and interests do you have in mind? As far as "branching out", do you mean meeting more people, or what?

    I know that in my case if I can make any kind of progress towards any of my goals it makes me a lot happier and relaxed. It took me a while to actually identify what my goals ARE, but that helped massively.
  3. Stranger1

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    Have you consulted a doctor about these feelings?? Did they give you a diagnosis?? Sometimes it is a chemical imbalance and shows up at different times of your life...They can control it with meds..They just have to find what works for you..I had to be put on a regimine of meds because just a plain AD didn't help.. I had too many different things going on at once.. I agree with Palmtrees about setting goals for yourself they help boost your confidence.. They can be anything, but you have to be realistic in setting them..Take care!!
  4. mdmefontaine

    mdmefontaine Antiquities Friend

    hi. i am so glad you reached out to s.f. for have already been given some good advice.....
    i can tell you that s.f. is supportive and non-judgmental, and also, that they saved me life.
    we are here for you - if you want to talk further - pm me anytime....i care about you hun xxx :hug:
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