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  1. CyndyxAsari

    CyndyxAsari New Member

    I need serious help...

    I want suicide so bad. I'm the worst girlfriend and my lover and I have been together since July 1, 2007. Ive made many mistakes but learned, but now they don't want to put up with me. I have changed since then and tried to become better.

    And now they want to leave, but whenever they say that, after a few hours, they calm down and say sorry and don't mean it. Now they're doing it again... Would they be back or not? @__@; We really love each other.. a lot...

    I feel worthless, and I think it's best if I just disappear out of their lives. Everyone I've known has left my life and never kept to promises, and I don't think my lover would if they keep saying they want to leave... Would they come back again?
  2. cult logic

    cult logic Staff Alumni

    Suicide is not a good solution. Think about your lover!

    You say you love eachother, imagine the pain and anguish that would be caused for him/her if you were to do it.

    But what they are doing is obviously tearing you up inside, and I think you should tell them that.

    You can pm me or anyone if you need to talk/vent. :hug:
  3. CyndyxAsari

    CyndyxAsari New Member

    True, thanks for pointing it out to me, I do believe even if as mad or upset as we both are, we still love each other a lot and shouldn't let it all be thrown away over a silly argument. We got it worked out now I think, so thank you so much for being there; Just knowing someone is there helps me a lot. ^______^
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