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    I don't think I can handle anymore.........
  2. stuckinchicago6

    stuckinchicago6 Well-Known Member

    i am in an emotionally abusive situation. unless i can pass the math competency exam and finally get my degree, i will be stuck in this situation. :plat: wishing this was my angel. i fear that i will never know math. i fear that i will be stuck with my mother forever. she ruins everything. i am so disappointed tonight. i had nobody to talk to, not a friend in the world, so i called my dad after months of not talking to him. as much as my mom has done, he has never been there for me and like an idiot, i called him to vent about my mother.... he is no help, so why did i bother???? i am rewarding him by talking to him and he doesn't even have to be a parent.
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    I hope you can go in and get some extra tutoring before the exam with the professor or with another student get that extra help to push you into understanding it a bit better. God i hate math too number ah
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    :hug: take a deep breath...and what violet suggests could be a great idea to help you with math and to get away from the abusive situation, at least for a while...

    I'm sure you will pass it :)