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Discussion in 'Help Me! I Need to Talk to Someone.' started by D's, Mar 2, 2010.

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  1. D's

    D's Member

    i feel like ending it, no one loves me. :( my family abandoned me, i have a drug problem, i have court tomorrow and im gonna get lockd up regardless because i have dirty pee . it is for a public endangerment / intox.
    i'm in rehab now but ive been using since the first day i got here, i feel like ending it , getting rid of all this guilt, and sadness. i have the drugs and the rigs. i dont want to, but i know it will be so peacefully. plus when people find me they will just blame it on the drugs and ill be able to rest easily.
  2. Bambi

    Bambi Well-Known Member

    Hi Drew I am glad you posted...please don't throw in the towel just yet...you are like a lot of members here...in pain and life is biting at your ass...but we are here for you.

    Are you certain to do time? I know abit about the system...how much time do you think they will give you? It is hard I know but you can make it...do you want to get of drugs?

    Please write back I am here just waiting to hear back from ya...
  3. D's

    D's Member

    thanks, im over with, i keep takin pill after pill, this is it. \im in my happy place :) thank u for your concern bambi <3
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