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I'm so sad, so totally and completely sad. and i dont know why.
I wanna die. everything i try to do to make myself feel better makes it worse, I go to look at my daughter, and it makes me sad. I go look at my wife sleeping, that makes me sad, i just spend a good 45min crying in a ball on the floor of the shower.
I wish something did happen, but nothing has. the sadness has been creeping in for a while, no i feel like wow. shit i cant even form a coherent thought.


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I know you say that nothing triggered your sadness, but maybe if you talk about something that is bothering you that would help? Sorry I'm not much help.


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Hi have my cell phone, so please text anytime you want...sometimes men have post-partium depression because of all the new responsiblities hit them...passages have a way of making us look at our lives, and the view is not always as pretty as we would like...also, you have stopped doing so much that I am sure there is a lot of sadness beneath all of that...please PM/AIM/MSN or call me...always a caring thought away, Jackie


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sadeyes is right. true to ur changes its like ur greivin parts of urself. cause it is a new time u are called to do with ur days different then before. ur babe and lady represent this. hang in u will refine nisely this i am sure. hell i will go as far to say try and enjoy the highs and lows with in as u would and self induced. its a new time . hang on and it will take u.


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Awwwwwwww hun i was so sad ot read your thread and find out how hard and upsetting things have been for you.Big kath hugs!!!i didnt think of some of the things the posters mentioned above re the resons for you struggling but i think actually now they speak some very logical and very very wise words.It must be hard to cope with all the aadaptions and adjustments going on around you and that you have to sorry you feel so sad.Please hang on in there.i know its tough and i hear your pain.i wish i could do more but i will be here for you when i can sorry ive not been around when youve needed me most.i feel ive failed you and many others here.Pm me anytime and i hope things start to pick up.

Take care


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Fender perhap's it could be a heap of thing's brewing up and that have been bottling on the inside of you that have caused you to feel like this.All the overwhelming feeling's end up escalating eventually and then it get's to much.I know what it's like and about,sometime's something doesn't need to happen and bang you feel down and anything else that happen's will just bring you down even more.
If you need to chat dude anytime,I'm alway's here for you.


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I just read what you wrote in the comments. I'm sorry. have you talked to a doctor about this? I'm here if you wanna talk.
Take care
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