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  1. UpsetJew

    UpsetJew New Member

    Life has got too much for me. I'm stuck in a bubble of no return. Everything around me is closing in. This was my last hope, people need to know how I feel I cannot go on feeling this way.

    No one around me has a clue that I'm in dyer need of help. I have worked for many years on building a camoflague so that no one knows my problems.

    I'm a homosexual, black, jewish, unemployed loser, i have no love life and I live with my parents and i'm too old for that.

    I lost my job last week, after 5 years of working there, I thought everything was okay but one slip up and I'm gone. Life has been dissolving since then and I can't bare it.

    I sit here at my desk with a xxx next to me, xxx and ready to take my life.

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  2. Sadeyes

    Sadeyes Staff Alumni

    Hi and so sorry you are feeling that way, especially during the Holidays...why have you not shared who you are with someone you trust? from what you have written it sounds like you have a very interesting background, one which ppl would enjoy hearing...have you sought professional help? that might be a place to also share what is going on for you...please PM me if I can be there for you...I would love to hear more about your culture and background...big hugs (Yenta-yes, that is really my Yiddish name) J
Thread Status:
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