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I can't do this anymore, no one there to love me or for me to give back, no friends. Everyone at work hates me and talks behind my back. My body is tired i am sick and sore. I'm fed up with overdosing on paracetamol everyday just to ease the pain i'm fed up with everything. I don't know why i'm posting this.


Are there no positive's in your life that you can focus on why do you feel like everyone at your work hate's you have you trird councilling it gave me a lot of help.


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You posted because you wan to be helped. I know the feeling of lonliness all too well and I understand how agonizing it can be.

Is there anything you enjoy doing? Hobby wise?

Tigerstripe said:
Are there no positive's in your life that you can focus on why do you feel like everyone at your work hate's you have you trird councilling it gave me a lot of help.
No, but i have every reason to be happy, and its not that i think they hate its the fact that they do thats why i get treated like dirt. Always have to watch them for the next move they make.
Jenova said:
You posted because you wan to be helped. I know the feeling of lonliness all too well and I understand how agonizing it can be.

Is there anything you enjoy doing? Hobby wise?

I have a few, but none makes me happy anymore i just do things for the sake of hiding my true feelings from my family, fake smiling and laughing hurts.


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Depression can make you paranoid, like everyone is talking behind your back. Would it help if you just talked on here about what's happening at work. Can you see any way out of your troubles? Break the problems down into small units and try to deal with one thing at a time. It's so tiring keeping up a front isn't it.
hey hun, i saw this thread last night but never had time to reply

i just wanted to say, i completely understand about when you said about overdosing on paracetamol. I know EXACTLY where your comming from as i did the exact same thing, somehow i thought that ODing was help but in reality it was just making things worse, i was taking up to 15 at one time to try block it out, but after awhile of that i took 14-15 and ended up being really really really sick for 2 days, if you keep going on with the paracetamol then it will do some serious liver damage and my doctor told me, 'you really dont want to die for liver damage, its horrible and extremely painful' so i stopped doing that, for about 3 months now, but recently i have been tempted, for me paracetamol is my alternative to cutting, its like a safety blanket but a really unhealthy one, but i completely understand why you would need to do that, as i done the exact same thing

PM me if you wanna talk, ok?

take care of yourself

vikki x


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Depression can cause you to lose interest in all the things that used to matter to you.

Is there anything that you've always wanted to do or try. Sometimes finding small goals and working towards them can help. Once you've accomplished something, even if it's small you start to feel like you can accomplish bigger things and you do. Once you see how much you are caplable of it can really build your self esteem and confidence.

Don't give up,

I think i'm ready to go this has to be the last day i can't have it anymore, i'll be 20 next month its really depressing i've lived this long without love and the next thing i know i'll be 30 and still the same way. I managed to put in another day of work without losing my mind but is it worth praising as i'll only have to be among those people tomorrow again and watch as they laugh behind my back and beat me into the ground with insults, my jaw and shoulders are so sore from the tension each day. I really want this to be over i'm sick of living in misery, i'm only here because my parents would go crazy if i was gone, my mother once told me if i died she would end up in a lunatic house and since that day i could never hold a gun to my head. I can understand why no one would want me as a friend as i am considerably less than a piece of dirt. Living in this loneliness is nothing but pure horror no one can seem to understand what it feels like its even come to the point now where i can't even allow a family member to hug me without bursting into tears(thats why i avoid it them everytime). I told my parents once what was going on and they didn't do much about it really only rhyme off stuff like "you should be happy you have everything", my brother even had an hour long talk with me and came out with nonsense like "your a great looking guy and you have a good personality" this is the biggest load of crap ever you could even see him make it up as he went along. I honestly can't take it anymore i really can't. :sad:

Please excuse me this is all just random one after the other whatever came to mind first was written.
If you are so unhappy at your workplace is it possible to change employment? It would be much better than hurting yourself. Have you sought out any counselling services to help you over the rough spots? Please try other things first. Your life is important. Take care. :hug:


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Obviously your family loves you or they wouldn't hug you and try to make you feel better. Life can be hard, for some of us it always seems to be an up hill battle but I really believe you will find love. 20 is still young, really young even though i'm sure you don't feel it, especially right now. Even though life feels empty and lonely right now, you have so much time for that to change.

Have you talked to your doctor about what you're going through?
First I would like to ask you, Do you love yourself? If you said yes why do you want to suicide. If you think nobody loves you and hates you, you should ask why. If you try to investigate why the people hate you and trying to be the one whom the other people love, it is important to start from yourself first. you cannot find any people in the world that nobody hates. However, there should be someone who likes you. The reason that you feel that you does not live anylonger because thing does not go in the way what you like. Try to think, if several people around you like you love you, do you think will you still be happy? I am afraid no because you will feel fear to lose of those love again that makes you more unhappy.
Thing in the world always have reasons, there should be some reasons why they do not like you or may be you paint your mind that they do no like you because they do not do what you like. Think about it ! Be fair for yourself and the others. In my conception sometimes I feel like you especially I am a foreigner everywhere I go everyone look at me as stranger and I feel they may or may not like me but if I do care all the people, I must be crazy and what about myself, do I care about myself. After the thought like this I try to be good be humble , be kind and this makes me feel good and happy.

The most important thing before you claim the love from someone you must claim the love for yourself first.

I hope my advice can be helpful for you.

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