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  1. Florence

    Florence Antiquities Friend

    Though not sure if I really want help. Feeling desperate. So wretched and in despair. Surrounded by friends so it's not that. Changing meds so trying to hang in there but really want it to stop now. Might just get through this evening (friends due soon) then see what the night brings. At least I am the online awakeovernight so no one will know till morning.
    Here they are ... Got to go, will check in later vhopefly this despair may have passed a little ... :(
  2. n'cest pas

    n'cest pas Member

    hope you are feeling better. Friends usually distract me from my feelings for a while.
  3. Florence

    Florence Antiquities Friend

    Crap. Still here. Still don't want to be. Still thinking of what way out. Am going to write letters over weekend so no hesitation when I am ready. Was not going to use tablets but they may be the most convenient. Will see. Will prob now last till monday but it helps knowing that if anything occurs I can opt out of this crap life!!! Just wish I could shield my children from the resulting pain ... Careful letters are what is needed I reckon ... So I will get them written soon. Thanks for listening xx
  4. In Limbo

    In Limbo Forum Buddy

    Careful letters are never careful enough - and take it from someone who's tried to write a careful letter - you can never get it right...

    Careful letters are not what is needed - strong moments are needed - and you have those within you.

    Because if you didn't you wouldn't be here...

    PM if you wanna talk - you can come through this, there is hope - even if it hides sometimes...
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