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something specific happened or is it something that keeps going on
for long time and u cant take it anymore?
we all have bad times, but there are choices u have [sometimes they
are not so obvious though and we must somehow clear our mind to see
them...:blink: ] [sounds crazy i know ....]

i hope u r better by now



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Welcome querida!! Hablas espanol?? I am sorry that you are having a really diffficult time..I really know how it feels wishing one's life is over.. You have come to the right place.. Believe me hon, many ppl here really understand.. and I really do, querida.. SF has saved me and helped me make it this far as I have been suicidal for long time and a miracle.. (milagro) that I bounced back and I shouldn't be here today, really.. no matter what I tried.. then I found SF when I was going to attempt again and the ppl are awesome here and understand.. lean on us.. allow us to be there for you. you will meet awesome friendss here who undertand.. we want to help... so hard to be in pain and life hits us hard.. I hope. that you will give us a chance and share more with us as you are up to it... you are not alone mi querida!!


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