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im feeling very alone..i have no friends..and no one to talk to anymore..my one chance at being happy..my now exboyfriend steve has left me. i have very low self worth...i just wanted him to listen to me..but he kpet telling me what to do to change...i dont want to change who i am. i just wanted someone to listen to me. he didnt like what he was hearing from me..and it always caused a fight..he left me...and now i just dont want to live anymore...i feel like i have nothing..


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Hello ashleybee-from the looks of things, all that you can be found guilty of is being yourself. Personally, I'd want nothing to do with someone who doesn't care for the real me. While I can fake it with best of them when it comes to relationships, the question I have to ask myself, is, what have I really achieved? A false friend? An untrue lover? Someone who adores a made up character that I play upon command? In the end, it is always best to be truthful, to your partner and yourself. If that won't do, then neither will they, for you & your happiness in this world. Best Regards-
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