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help :(

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hi everyone

im feeling really down due to my boyfiend who iv been with for 6 months, the first 3 months were fine and then we decided to move in with eachother cos of problems with our parents and such.
anyway he doesnt trust me at all :/ calls me a slag all the time, wont let me see my friends, i went to my mums last night to do some washing and he split up with me and made me get a taxi back to our flat the morning after
he spends all my money and now i am in about five grands worth of debt

i know im stupid for puttting up with it, i really do but idk what to do anymore
today iv been feeling rlly down and ended up taking <edit moderator total eclipse method> crushed in water about 6pm, in the past hour i have taken <edit moderator total eclipse method> in the same way and in some ways i want to kill myself to get out of this mess but in others i dont :(

wil this do any harm to me?

thanks :(
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It certainly won't do you any good, if you start to feel unwell I would seek medical attention immediately.

You can come through this, one person does not have to ruin your life this way...

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You should go to hospital and tell them what you took i deleted it as methods are not allowed to be posted please go in damage to your organs need to be checked out your stomach will hurt with that amt of meds as well may need to have stomach pumped okay so call crisis line go to emergency and get treated okay blood work taken so the damage will be kept to the minimal hugs


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Takeing all those meds can cause kidney failure, and liver failure.. It will only make your life that much harder.. It's time to stand up for yourself.. Maybe even move back home.. You should dump the boyfriend..He's just useing you..

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yeh time to move home your parents care for you unlike your so called bf Ditch him now okay time to get your life back on track with out him.
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