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I feel very unstable and a danger to myself but everyone says u will get over it but it has been bad for the last two weeks, i dont talk to anyone answer the phone or leave the house unless i have to.

I dont wanna ring the helplines in casue the cops came as i dont trust cops.

i dont know what to do..

first of all, welcome to sf.. you've found the right place

try take your mind off things- try and find something you enjoy and occupy yourself with that

we're always here to listen to you hun


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Welcome!! If you are feeling unstable and a feeling that you are going to harm yourself, Then you need to go to the ER and ask to speak to someone in mental health because you are suicidal..Don't wait it will only get worst if you don't get help..


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What exactly is going on? If you feel as though you might do something to harm yourself it is a good idea to sit and talk with someone. If you dont trust cops then fine, but if you really feel that unstable it is a good idea to go to the hospital. It's scary, I admit that and speak from experience, but if you do go and be honest about everything they can provide you with a lot of valuable resources to help you, whether it be meds, doctors, or ways to cope.

If you dont want to go to the hospital, look into getting a therapist, counselor, pdoc, or something. Going to a therapist or counselor is a good start.

Talk on here too, talking does help. It helps a lot actually, getting everything out in the open. It's scary but its one of the best ways to help see whats going on.


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Have you not got some family you can talk to ?

Or anyone who you know well enough to maybe accompany you to the hospital if you really do feel suicidal.

All that happens is you stay a few days - get assessed and maybe diagnosed also.

On the other hand you can see your doctor, in the UK a GP, and there are local emergency teams who can home visit.

In my area I'd be able to see someone the same day IF I was suicidal.

As for cops - they will not be alerted by anyone unless you state that you are in the process of killing yourself.

Given the high rate of suicide and depression in many cops - I think that most cops now have a more understanding nature when it comes to mental health issues. They may not be best when patients get emotional as cops then become cops and resort to procedure, which might entail getting cuffs on you, restraining you and sometimes making a bad situation ten times worse . The trauma of arrest on someone suicidal or upset makes them more angry and leads to an escalation that might never have happened if someone else got there first.

Cops are maybe not the best people to deal with mentally ill people - but, that said, when people get violent or emotionally unstable, you need someone who can deal with physical force. Cops are trained for that.

Hard one to call really, but don't worry unless you do tend to become violent.

In that case get to the hospital before you do something stupid.
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