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    I'm unsure on how to be myself. Continiously I adjust my likings to that of other people, so that we have something in common or to talk about. But in truth it's making me FURIOUS! I don't even know myself anymore. Everything I do or attempt to do feels fake, and due this other people are affected by it and will be annoyed with me.

    The adjusting is something I can't help. I just fear that people won't like me otherwise. That i'm boring, or too serious, for that matter. It's like it happens automaticly. I can't enjoy anything anymore. It all feels so fake and done for the sake of it.

    I have no idea of what to do, who to turn to, but i'm nearing the end of the road.
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    It s not an easy thing to tackle that its really down to self esteem and fear of rejection. You change so people will like you.Im sure lots of people do this to a degree. Maybe taking some time to try different things find out who you really are inside.
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    I've tried that frequently. There have been moments that screamed this is your chance, but unfortunately they weren't as helpful and didn't really improve the situation. Though perhaps I should give it another try.

    Wherever I am, I am accompanied with a uncomfortable feeling, it's difficult to describe the way it feels. It kind of makes you feel out of place, and wondering what it is that you are doing. Disturbing nontheless.