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im not too sure what im looking for but i seriously need help, my life and depression is spiralling out of control and i feel powerless to stop it. the last couple of weeks have been hell and i now have no support in place. each minute of each day is relentless, the need for pain and trying to find ways of attempting that wont fail, god im in a really bad place just now and never felt so alone or isolated. life is just such a struggle now........

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Your not alone you know that now okay we are here and the crisis team if you call them will help you set up communtiy care. go to emerg they will help keep you safe. There is not reason to fight this alone right reach out hugs


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Its awesome that your still fighting, take a deep breathe and realize you got past it, you made it through that hard time.

Hugs, hope today is a better day.
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