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I really need some advice i am feeling soo low i'm afraid i might do something stupid. I see my mental health nurse tomorrow but not sure i can stay safe till then. I don't know where these feelings have come from although my doc app not happening hasn't helped. Any advice would be welcomed.


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im sorry to hear you are having a really hard time!!!
ive been through it all and all i can say is distraction. find something fun to watch or read. youtube is a source full of idiots making fools of themselves. its kept me busy many times.
i really hope you find a way to cope and handle all the stress until you see the nurse.

p.s im also from lancashire - sunny blackpool - lol


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Can you call or email the nurse or your therapist to share how you are feeling? Also, tell the nurse what is going on for you and your impression of the treatment so you and s/he can see what has affected you...hang in there and please continue to share with us...J


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My mental health nurse isn't in today :( I have sent an e-mail to samaritans but if i get any worse i will ring crisis team and hope they can/will help i just need to try and hang on till either tomorrow or thur when i see doc and see if can up dosage of anti-depressants i do want to hang on just afraid i can't.
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