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hey, i found this site just a minute ago and i wanted some advice. i tried to kill myself on friday night, i took 40 tablets.. but nothing happened i was sick a couple of times but thats it. Do you think there is sumthing wrong on the inside like liver failure? I really dont want my mum to find out but i dont know what to do, i dont want to go to a psyc ward either coz i just not crazy! someone please help me. xx
i really dont remember i just grabbed sum stuff i think it might of been a mix, like panadol extra, ibuprofen i think and codamine or sumthing like that. i have been ok, my stomach hurts abit like really bad period pains! i dont really know what to do.
OK, i ODed on pain killers a few nights, i didn't take as much as you did. You may of done some damage to your liver or stomach. Can you remember how long the pills where in your stomach before you were sick?
umm, 4 or 5 hours i think. but i was only sick properly once or twice, i dont think im ever going to know if i have done damage unless i go to hospital or drop dead in a week. i think i should just look out for signs, like a fever or sweating.
That really is a long time, and a big dosage. I really strongly advise going to the hospital as soon as possible. Being sick doesn't mean its all out of your system. IF the pain is that bad, seriously go to the hospital, I took less than half what you took and i was advised to go to A+E so i really would suggest you going to the hospital ASAP.
but if i go it means that doctors will be in my face, and i will have to speak to sumone but i dont want to i have done before and it didnt help at all. or worse they might send me away i might not have a choice.
Im sure your parents would rather that then a child with serious liver damage. You don't have to talk to them, they can't force you to talk to them. I know its hard but the longer you leave it the more damage that can be done. Its better to go now rather than having to deal with liver failure which will be much more painful than your going thru right now. Please get yourself to the hospital now.
just wanted to add..with liver failure you don't always get symptoms hardly at all until maybe 4 days after the od. by which point theres less they can do. not to scare you. just it would be a good idea to go and get checked out.

*hugs* take care.
ok thanks ppl for your help. i will go to the hospital 2moro with a friend i think. i dont want to go alone right now. i will let you know whats going on soon.. that is if i dnt get put away, which i hope i dont. xx
Please if it gets worse today get yourself to the hospital as soon as you can, but please make sure you go to get checked out :hug:

And do please let me know how you get on :hug:


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Hi Fran,

First of all, welcome to the forum. I hope you like it here and get the support you need and deserve.

I too hope that you will get medical attention for what you took. It does sound like a lot, and there really is little way of knowing what it's doing to your insides.. maybe until it's too late.

I understand that you fear what would happen to you in the hospital, or how your parents, etc. would react. But I hope they would be there to support you through this.. and at the end of the day i'm sure they would want to see you healthy.

Thinking of you.. please keep us posted if you want/can
Jenny x
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