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I need advice and help. Im going through so much right now and i dont know how to cope with it. I keep having suicidal thoughts and I've been hurting myself a lot more often then usual. I just need someone that i can relate to that can help me.


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would you explain a little more? i do not know if i relate, however, i do know that hurting hurts kinda badly, and while hurting it seems like it will last forever, i also know it is extremely hard to remember the good times, the times without pain, they magically dissappear, i do not know what causes this, i wish we could think abotu the good times the times without pain, the times when we walked up to the cute girl on the park bench and said hello, it is strange, try your hardest tell me about something that you did that you pushed your comfort zone and felt happy about it?

like going on an extra long bike ride, walking around the block, cooking something new, drawing a picture, finishing a puzzle, doing your laundry for the first time(this was a huge acomplishment for me),

even if you failed at it as long as you felt happy please explain what you did so i may try it and have some more happiness in my life,
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