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I don't know where else to go
I'm only posting here because there's no one else to talk to
I don't know what's wrong with me
I was diagnosed with a 'mood disorder' about 2 years ago and I'm 17 now. they thought it was bipolar, but I stopped seeing my psychiatrist and stopped taking meds last january. I felt so much better after going off them.
during the summer i felt like this and it was going great but it was just that one week where everything was depressing and I couldn't do anything even though I was travelling and everything was great.
Now, everything is good, but I couldn't do anything today I was extremely hyper and everything but it felt weird really weird and now I feel really down and my thoughts are all messed up. I asked my mom for help but she refused it.
what do I do?
I don't feel like a functioning human.
I think that there is a lot to criticize about meds, even if you are given a good prescription. sometimes though the meds that you are prescribed are bad, and you need to try some other meds

just going off meds is usually a bad idea. you could look into traditional chinese medicine if you want to try some alternatives, maybe go back on conventional meds and then see if you can gradually reduce them

whatever you do, it's probably best to be under the care of a professional, rather than deciding to go off meds on your own. I think a lot of people with bipolar will go off meds and then feel better temporarily, but then get much worse

why did your mom refuse to help?


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Do nothing until you feel you're able to. Occupy your time in a pleasant way
and have patience. Everything will pass eventually.
Have patience with yourself.
We're here to talk and help :)
Based on your information you have a brain that does not function correctly. It is like when a heart does not function correctly a person may have to take medication to correct it.

I believe you need to seek out medication again.

You will not be able to correct a mis-firing brain on your own. People who do not understand mental illness is a brain disfunction and not a soul problem will think you can think things through to resolve your problems. But if the brain is not functioning correctly, you cannot. Doing nothing is not a solution.

NAMI.org may give you some insight as to what to do. There is a community of those with the same problems you have to talk to and the lastest information on medication and treatment. There you can read what others have dealt with their medications and share your story as well. There is even a group of teens.

Take care.
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