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  1. anuj

    anuj Active Member

    I am 24. I have attempted suicide twice in my life. Once at age of 14 by <Mod Edit, WildCherry: Methods>. I

    started to vomit and was taken to hospital. Then I again attempted at age of 17. This time, I tried

    to kill myself by 220 volt electricity. But nothing happened just some burns.Then I thought that it

    might not be possible to die before a fixed date decided by god.

    Now, I have immense feelings to kill myself. And now I have been planning to make it successful. And

    I know that I will be able to kill myself.

    My first attempt was due to my failed relationship. Second was due to panic in first semester that I

    will be getting very poor grades. But this time it not a triggering but a continuous feeling to end

    my life. The problem is that I can't convince anyone and my parents don't believe in me. They always

    underestimated me. And they always discourage me. Currently I'm doing MBA and have good job in hand.

    But they always doubt and say that this company will not give joining to you or they will cancel

    your appointment. They want me to try for jobs that are very bad compared to the one I have now in

    term of work and package.

    And after my first suicide attempt, I decided to never try for any relationship as it would really

    hurt me. But I tried this year and I was totally ignored. But the biggest problem is I am not able

    to find the purpose of my life. I wanted to start business/NGO in education sector, but all my

    friends and my parents want me to do job. Another problem is that I am a loner and I don't have

    personality to make friends or good team skills. Hence I won't be able to do anything in my life.

    If I couldn't find any good solution then I will suicide after 3 weeks.
  2. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    How about taking time to get therapy to build up your self esteem to build up on your social skills Your parents don't take you seriiously why not hun anyways it does not matter you do so you take yourself to hospital and sign in to get the help you need to stay safe okay until these thoughts leave you hugs
  3. crystalclear

    crystalclear Well-Known Member

    Im sorry your family treats you that way. finding a purpose in life is really hard ( I dont know what my purpose is either). I think you should do what you want and what you think is the best for you. You're an adult and it is your future. Regarding your personality and team skill, there may be a solution about that, you could attend seminars on how to improve them. Please dont give up, you can do it. :) *hugs*
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