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I quit my job yesterday, but I have to work 40 days so they will have some time to find replacement. But I cant do this 40 more days. It made my bucket full and now with every drop I collapse.
I already collapsed today, twice... At work and even in front of my parents. My mask has broken, but I still cant tell them how I feel, so I locked myself up in my room.
I dont want to leave my room, I dont know what to tell, explain my parents what happened. I dont want to go to work after what happened today.
I cant go on with this any more. I want to ask help and say everything. But every time I want to tell them, nothing is coming out my mouth.
If I even cant handle this, what a fucked up future will I have.
I dont know what to do. So I am hoping now someone has some advice, so I can stop with work as fast as possible.

hmm only thing i can think right now is if you go to the doctor and get signed off? or surely you can just walk out but you might lose some money that way..plus im not sure how it works over there. As for your parents..did you write the letter yet? that really might help you start to be able to tell them. I know im a complete hypocrite, but it might be really good for you to be able to be honest with them. Or could you see a doctor without them knowing? Might be a way to make work more manageable if you do have to go back?

I dunno this is off the top of my head..I'll have a think.

take care..:hug:

hun as said before the only thing I can think of is going to the doctor, obviously somethings not right if u keep fainting, by going to the doctor he might be able to give u sick leave.

and a letter is a good idea to tell your parents, I wrote a letter to my aunty telling her how I felt and it was much easier to do that.

allways her for you

vik x
I didnt faint. I ment with collapse, I cried and couldnt stop with it and I never cry when others are around. Sorry, I didnt knew an other word. My sucky english :dry:
I've written many letters, they all suck. One to much information, other not clear etc. One might be ok, but now the giving part :unsure:
:hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug:

me thinks you're in need of serious hugs.

ok first of all, a little off topic..but NO WAY does your english suck! hell of a lot better than my dutch lol. seriously though, it does not suck.

secondly, with the letters, i can kind of understand. i too have written lots of letters, to my parents, to the gp...and never shown a single one. what do you think about seeing the doctor? i mean ideally it would be good if you could tell your family and get their support but if its really hard for you, maybe it might be easier to ask the doctor for help first? then maybe with time, you could tell your family? Also, the doctor probably will be able to sort the work situation, give you a sick note or sign you off or something. But if thats too hard as well, i know it is for me, then i'll have another think..:dry:

Don't worry about it, youre going to be fine. I promise :smile:
i'm not sure how it works where you are, but in my opinion if you want to quit then that is your right to do so. it should only be their problem about getting someone not yours. you made your choice.

i would like to encourage you though to try and get some help. maybe write to the samaritans. when i did that i was amazed at what came out. i found words for some things i had never been able to find them for and we're talking thirty yrs of no words. just a suggestion. they make a really good sounding board and their responses are good. sometimes to know it came out the way you meant it can be encouraging enough to help you feel confident with sharing it with someone else. idk just a suggestion. please take care though ok? and keep talking if you need to.
I still need to see a doctor for my leg, so maybe I could ask him. Thanks a lot everyone. I'll try to leave my room, hope my parents wont ask to much questions. Thanks again


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Blub hun :hug: :hug: :hug:

Get to the docs get signed off sick (lie if you have to). Email the Samaritans (great suggestion Rhino) they are so helpful. If you can bring yourself to do it, tell your doctor how you're feeling, you'll be surprised how helpful and understanding they can be.

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Thats the trouble with emotions, if you just keep putting them to one side, much like you bucket, eventualy it gets full and stuff starts to spill out, sometimes when you least exspect it.

I've been so close to talking about stuff with my family just lately, but like you the words just won't come out.

Keep trying is all I can say, keep talking to folks on here, its much easier to type your feelings than it is to say them to real person, I have posted things on this board that I have never said to any one in the world.

Its not the answer I know, but it helps.
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