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  1. darkmood40

    darkmood40 Account Closed

    On wed and thursday I burned myself with cigarettes which I have NEVER done before I only cut and it is only superficial but now Iam scared because I do not know what Iam capable of doing next when it comes to self harm I want to do it again and just keep doing it burning myself Do you think I need the hospital or go inpatient?
  2. truthhurts

    truthhurts Well-Known Member

    if u feel u are in immediate danger, i wud say certainly get urself admitted, better safe than sorry because it cud end badly. i myself have never been admitted tho but i kno that can be scary for self-injurers when it's ur first time, but i wud still advise u to do what u feel is safest for u. if u dont seek treatment then it makes perfect sense that ur SI is getting worse over time, it does with most people [myself included, tho i've only tried burning a couple times and not seriously because it freaks me out]. also, talking to someone might be a good outlet for u, tho tht might be difficult at first aswell if u're not used to it and/or don't hav a person who u've opened up to yet [or a medical professional to talk to]. i hope u're going to pursue recovery and i hope it goes well for u^^
  3. placeboeffect

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    hello. i need ur help/a piece od advice. sth is wrong with me. all the time i pretend to be a tough and strong person but every time i screw sth up I get extremely depressed even though the reason is not serious. today i accidentally broke down my mother's sewing machine and at first i was "i don't care" but a few minutes after i got very upset about it. she didn't even yelled at me. she only expressed (calmly) her big disappointment. and now after few hours i burst out crying and considering cutting myself again and somehow hurt myself. and it's not the first time like that. i used to cut myself constantly for less or more serious reasons and considering suicide more often. but now i'm fed up with my attitude. i really want to change and forget all this "being upset for no reason" thing. so maybe some of you can tell me, is it just that i'm too sensitive person or what? i cannot find any solution how to be really strong and stop worrying about stupid things. pls if u have any idea, pls help me
  4. truthhurts

    truthhurts Well-Known Member

    i don't think it's 'abnormal' that u're this sensitive. i myself am usually quite your opposite though but, for example, my little sister can cry over the smallest things ever. for example, yesterday when our mother was making her a dress and she didnt like a part about it [which is prolly cuz she thinks it'd make her look fat], and so mom explained her they way she wanted it wud be funny and she can't rly change the form like that and well it went on a little, and tho there wasnt much of an argument between them, she ended up rly angry and left the room crying and yelling. i myself am more of a 'numb' person usually, tho there are also things that can get to me personally really deeply as well.
    and, i think the way to 'get over this', well, i think the only real way to do that would be practising to not 'take everything in'. i myself tend to pretty automatically numb myself out a lot in situations and look at them more as an observer rather than a participant. but well, that might also be quite an unhealthy solution at times.
    hope this helped a little, feel free to specify if this wasn't enough, and sry for replying late.

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