Helpful tips for avoiding road rage

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    My commute today didn't go very well due to the abundance of congested and randomly lane weaving holiday weekend traffic. It occurs to me that I may very well have a problem with road rage. Returned home and couldn't calm down for over an hour. I Googled this and found a list of helpful tips that I will try to keep in mind when on the road in future:

    1. Don't retaliate. Never take the other driver personally, he/she is only reacting on a road rage instinct.

    2. Don't make eye contact with an angry driver.

    3. Before you react to anything that is done to you please ask yourself, "Is getting back at that jerk worth my life?"

    4. Be polite and courteous, even when others are not.

    5. Always ask yourself: "Could the other driver have possibly made a mistake?"

    6. If you are harassed by another driver and being followed, do not go home. Go to the nearest police detachment.

    7. Slow down and relax!

    8. Never underestimate other drivers' capacity for mayhem.

    9. Reduce your driving stress by allowing enough time to get where you are going. Know the roads that are under construction and listen to weather reports that may cause traffic delays. Practice patience and keep your cool.

    10. Remember that you cannot control the drivers around you, but you can control the way they affect your well-being. Be calm and drive safely.

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    excellent post.
    and don't forget to breathe!
    I know I hold my breath when I'm road raged :)
  3. I'm glad I found this! I have some serious road rage! In high school I actually got into a physical altercation with someone! Most recently I got all worked up because of a psycho driver, I was so angry I was shaking!
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    may not be related but you know tailgaters do they get on your nerves? i annoy them more by going 25 in a 30 zone, get up my arse i will annoy you more - my car has a box in to track my speed,location,breaking and accerlation i ain't going to speed for some individual most overtake you when they can others get up your arse, others want you to take a risk - for example someone was getting up my arse coming upto a roundabout, i was not going to go infront of some lorry for some idiot no way.