Helpin or hurtin? I need to know!

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    I try to help people at this forum... but at the same time I let to much of myself out through my postin... then I wonder... my brain burns with the thoughts... and in conclusion I find myself wantin to just forget it all... just leave and ignore it all... no more SF... like it never existed... I find myself thinkin I'd be better, everyone would be better without my bumblin interjections/interference. I think everyone here would be better off without me... my words do little... I'm not proffessionally trained... and I don't have the same amount of "life experience" as the people who created or run SF. I found that by sharing some beautiful music-the song True-I'm also sharin a (disturbing?) video that might put people over the edge? Am I that stupid? It's harmless to me... so I labeled it "(trigger?)"... but I don't know anymore... I haven't been banned for it... but I sorta want everthing I've ever done here erased, though that's impossible. I know. If there were an edit feature I'd do it myself. I don't know anymore. I don't want to hurt people here, not even a little! I know that's possible... because I'm bein hurt a little, here. A word of advise to someone who shall remain nameless:

    Don't come to me explainin the entire plan on killin yourself! Seriously it's not cool, because I care too much for everyone

    I'd never come back, except that I figure maybe it's not gonna happen like they plan... they might screw it up & live... because nothing in this world is certain... I don't know what to think after that. That's what I get for tryin to form freindships here I guess... so I deserve that?

    Forget it. That's all I can do... and this is too long. No one will read it so I'll end with these words... If I'm doin more harm than good here... please speak up! Post it here or PM it, please...I need to know

    I'm so sorry to anyone I've hurt, it was purely unintentional... sometimes I'm very stupid... almost far to stupid to go on. :blink: :blink:
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    then help the_juggalo im depressed and confushed :sad:
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    Everyone suffers from depression on different levels. It's all about how you react to it... there are ways to "rise" above the depression... you need only find them, don't let it drag you down. :biggrin:

    Confused about ???(If you can't post it you can always PM me)
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    Your help is better than any professionals. Your words come from the heart and are filled with real understanding of the other persons pain. No professional could pay enough $ to learn that. It means something when a person knows that you are being sincere and not just saying what you have been trained to say. It really hurts sometimes and you think you are making no difference. But when you see a person post again after you have shared, you have to realize that YOU made a differencefor at least one soul. You're doing a great job.
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    Never, ever stop, i am new here and have only been looking for about an hour but in that hour i have seen more compassiona dn understanding in my 21 years in the "real world" you people are incredible.

    never, ever stop!