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    So me and boyfriend have been together nearly 5 years. And it hasn't been easy his past is the main issue as he went with this girl from news Zealand back when he was 15 they were on/off 5 years and he told me one time he thought they'd broke up for good so he went with this girl from London and they were great she was 3 years older than him but then his ex told him she been raped and he broke this other girls heart and went back with her from news Zealand. It turns out she lied about the rape disgusting. But he's always wanted this girl from London back and she said no and she even told me over Facebook she would never go back with him. It's like been 8 years and he still hurts about it but he also loves me dearly I just wish I could help him. We've took a break because of this and i just wish there was something I could o to help him. Suggestions please? Thanks
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    I am not sure what you can do to help him - first would be to determine what he wants help with? If you are wanting to change the current situation between you and boyfriend a discussion of if that is what you both want is the primary thing to work on, as well as an understanding that when extra people start getting involved it lends the possibility of different people being told different things. The only actions you can control are you own, do decide what works for you - discuss that with the boy, and if there is an agreement on that discuss jointly what to tell the third party would be my advice.

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