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  1. Lizzi1302

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    Hi - I am new to all of this - I have had depression since I was 15. It's been up and down for last 18 years. I am 33.
    I have four children and live with an abusive husband. He lashes out at me verbally every day. He lashes out at kids too.
    My eldest child is 10 and he too verbally and physically attacks me. I can't blame him for his emotions as he has seen my husband and I have also retaliated.
    I am under a lot of pressure at work - I start my day at 5:30 am and don't get in until 6 pm most nights. We are not doing well financially and I have no friends to turn to - I am frightened of my parents dying and am thinking that it would be so much easier to end it all to end these emotions permanently rather than having to face them again tomorrow. The tears fall but no one is there to see or to listen - I feel so helpless and not in control. I don't know what to do next. Help
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    Please please reach out then to womens help center talk to someone there let them know what is happening they will help you get away from this person and restart life without the abuse and help you children as well ok
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