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I know that I can't die.. I have too many people in my life. None that seem to care all that much. But I know they're there. And a few of them do care, so that's all the really matters.
I can't commit suicide. But that leaves me with being depressed without a way out to look forward to.. I'm sad without purpose.. I'm just.. Here.
And it makes me feel so hopeless. This is life? No. This is torture..


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I totally know how you feel. The only thing keeping me here is guilt. If everyone (and I mean everyone) were to ignore me, hate me, be indifferent about me for a few days, I would probably be able to die happily.

But we can't. Because people care for us. And we can't hurt them.

So what do we do? We try to find purpose. I personally make a list of goals I must complete, from the silly stuff to the really important things. It helps me get through the day, through the week. You could try that, or try taking up a hobby that will introduce yourself to new people or a new community. Just a few suggestions. Stay strong :)
Hi Abbey,
I know things seem to be so helpless to you now, but things don't have to be this way forever. I am sorry to hear that you are hurting so much, but is there any chance you can talk to a doctor about being put on medication? If you are already on medication, maybe it can be reviewed. Also, it might be an idea to talk to your doctor about therapy.. it could give you a chance to work through what is going on for you and give you a brighter outlook on life. It's all going to take time, but I really think with the right support, things can get better for you. As you said, people do care about you hon, and that is important to remember. Can you talk about this to any of them? It may be beneficial to know that someone who cares knows about what is going on for you, and they can offer some more support. Feel free to PM me any time. Take care :arms:
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