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so bad right now...
I'm shaking....
I shouldnt' be here... I shouldn't.. I should be looongggg gone....

I'm so sorry everyone

I'm shaking right now... shaking and crying and all alone.... fuck


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You are not all alone. Please dont do anything impulsive. We are here for you. Write back or pm me and tell me what is troubling you. take care.
I wanna cut..... sooooooo bad

I'm sorry but I wanna give in

I want to giv eup

I should of already



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:sad: Honey....we are here for you.....I know it's hard but hold on...talk to us, let us try and help you get through this :hug:
You know you can PM any time you want to..... :hug: sweetie

Thanks for hte rreplies guys....

I dunno what to say....

I can't explain here.... :sad:

I hope I haven't worried anyone... I haven't done anythign yet.... just really fucked up :cry:

just forget me
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