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  1. Izziebabystar

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    oi oi its me again
    rite me mates got a problm
    what are the first signs of pregnancy bar missed peroid and pregnancy tests. its only been like a few days but how do you no?
  2. famous.last.words

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    a few days since she had sex or since she missed a period?
    Its probably to early to tell for the former and she could still get a coil fitted which can prevent pregnancy for up to a week.
    In the latter, umm, swollen or tender breasts and tummy, feeling quesy and maybe having more "discharge" than usual.
  3. flayflow

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    few days since sex lol
    um not swollen/tender. but i cant lie on my front when sleeping. im eating so much more now and i feel bit quesy sometimes.and discharge has changed colour... right....shou.ld i be bloody worried now??:sad: