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helusinations triggered by real events?

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last night, i was talking to someone about 1 of my helusinations (the 1 about the plain crash). they said that perhaps, it was triggered off because their has been a few plain crashes in the news lately and it just comes out as a diffrent way for me (as in a helusination)

do you think it's possible that helusinations can actually be triggered by real events?, or do you think this person's theory is not quite right.

i'd like your thoughts..
Hey. Don’t know about hallucinations but I often have dreams (good and bad) which are somehow triggered by or related to something I see on TV or just experience in everyday life. I heard that dreams are just a bundle of old memories which are for some reason recalled and projected back to you by your mind and that they are often projected not the way you remembered it but somehow different or twisted or just a crazy mix of many memories which often makes no sense at all.

Strange, but very interesting.

Maybe the similar thing is happening with hallucinations.
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