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    i'm terminal. i've had hep-c since 1998. i am genotype 1. which is the worst type. the treatment is 48 weeks of shots and pills. yuck. my dad and uncle died from liver diseases directly resulting from hep-c. it doesn't even bother me that i am dying. i'm scared of the meds. they cause depression, fatigue, weight loss, sleeplessness and so on. basically the same things i have now. but they would only be worse. i got it from shooting dope, or it could have been the blood transfusion in 1991. who knows. does anyone here have it or know anyone who does. maybe some alt. drugs to interferon and ribavirin? or just some ideas. right now would not be a real good time to chat about this, maybe at a later time.
  2. Terry

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    Hun, you have to have the treatment. Let the doc know you already suffer from depression etc. so they can monitor the side effects and help off set them.
    But you have to start treatment a.s.a.p.
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    Yes you must undergo the treatment. But also take Milk Thistle. This is really great for your liver and should help. This isn't a death sentence so try to keep your chin up.