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  1. Seerbrum

    Seerbrum Well-Known Member

    She thinks sex is a beautiful thing,
    I find it absolutely adorable.
    She thinks life is over-rated,
    and I think she's jaded.

    Her name is death, she holds me with her cold breath, A test that I'll never pass with all these scars to show her how much class I've got left.

    But see I do my best, not to hold my breath for the game that she plays.
    Her name is death.

    She thinks I'm all cute when I'm angry
    Staring at the ceiling fans that make me all wide eyed, and how amazed by the ways each blade breaks the silence, yet she's afraid to fire this prick, but now she really hates the quiet moments. She puts a microphone in my hand, tells me to start a band, but I can't see my bloody hands when she's got me all caught in the trance.

    Her name is death, she likes to dance.
    She dances around my head till it spins, and I don't know where I've been, in till its too late, I'm already in love, with the skeleton woman above, she floats above my head and keeps away the undead.

    HER name is death, she loves me,
    She she doesn't want me, she wants me live.
    She wants me to be free, but I only want her embrace on me.

    Her name is death,
    nothing on me, but her, and I didn't feel naked all.

    Her name is death,
    Not Beth or Ashley, or names like Melissa, her name was death.

    Death is a beautiful thing, and she thinks thats deplorable. She wants me to live, not carry her over a threshold and be so bold as to give the cold shoulder.

    I'm in love, with a woman named Death.

    If I'm suppose to live? Why am I in love with a woman already dead? This town, this entire town, looks at me like I'm already six foot in the ground, and I find my hands are bound by the sound. The sound of her dirge calling me in the moon light, I want to fight, but at times I want to love...

    Love this woman called death,
    I wish I could do more then only hold my breath,
    Is this a test? Or a Game?
    Would it matter to me it's just the same.

    Death is a woman, she's a beautiful mistress in the night, maybe she'll light a candle for me tonight.
  2. justafool

    justafool Well-Known Member

    I dated death for awhile, a few years back, but she was really high-maintenance, so it didn't work out. But she was really beautiful. She reminded me a lot of Jennifer Lopez. I still have her phone number. I just can't seem to throw it away. :wink:
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