Here Again

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Hi all,

Have been a member of this forum for a couple yrs approx but not been on in a long long time i doubt anyone remembers my screename. Hopefully i'll recognise some of you from before. Wanted to come back and offer my support where I can as am in a place where I can relate to suicidal feelings again unfortunately. May get round to posting 'bout myself at some point too but don't feel worthy of any of yours help when I've not been here for so long quite yet.

C xxx
:welcome: back! I don't recognize your user name, so I guess I am probably new since you last visited. If you've been on SF before, you should know that you don't have to do anything to be "worthy" of our help...we are all here to support each other as best we can. I'm sorry that you're having suicidal feelings again, but I'm glad that you came back to SF. There are lots of wonderful, caring, supportive people here who are willing to listen whenever you decide you're ready to post about yourself. Hope to see you around. :hug:
I am glad you are back but not happy for the reasons you needed to rejoin us. I hope things get better for you soon. I recognize your username, but am not sure if we ever spoke. Anyway, :welcome: back to the forum.


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Welcome back hun =]
Don't forget to support yourself as well as other people,
and if you want to talk i'm always here.

Take care,
Ally _%


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Hi and welcome back to SF, of course you are worthy of peoples help here, it doesn't matter when or how often you visit the site.
Btw, I am from Northern Ireland too, :hug:
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