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  1. hi my name is

    hi my name is Well-Known Member

    So I haven't been this suicidal in a long time and am in quite a daze right now I am here but not somehow made it down to my comp and came here. I have never been so dead set. The worst problem for me is I know how to do it quick, comfortably, pain and mess free. The best feeling right now is the weight lifted off my heart, it's awesome. Fuck I can't stop crying.
  2. yep

    yep Well-Known Member

    You are facing a dilemma between living and continue suffering as you do, or dying and ending it all. It may seem that by dying it would be a good thing to do, however no matter how quick or painful killing yourself is, you are still killing yourself for ever and there is no return back and no changing your mind after you cross that point of no return.

    We are here to support you, you are not alone.
  3. 0000

    0000 Active Member

    Sounds all too familiar apart from the crying bit. Don't know why I can't do that, probably had a bad experience with it or something. The worst bits of what you're feeling will eventually pass and you can try again to find anything you enjoy as soon as this happens and a little of the weight is lifted. Anyway I'm crap at this talking thing so I'm sure someone more fluent in being human will be along shortly for you. :)
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