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    I don't know if this is the right category for this.
    A friend is a relationship of sorts ??

    I came here because of one of my best friends.
    Ill keep the details to a minimum because im one of those paranoid bury your feelings types.
    Basically... hes suicidal, he just barely survived this latest attempt by sheer luck and medical intervention.
    Hes EXTREMELY depressed and empty.

    I can relate to a degree... its a bit of a miracle iv'e survived most of my years. I'm not attached to my life at all, I regard it with a sort of mild indifference. Often, especially lately it takes all my strength to hang on, but I will... I have to.

    This friend... I just cant seem to get through to him... it seems more like a matter of 'will he'... but when will he...

    Its damn near impossible to even get him to smile anymore.

    Ive never seen this sort of empty.

    There doesn't seem to be anything to work with here... just our friendship but I have a feeling thats not going to be enough in this case.

    His situation is breaking me in the process, but m not the type to give up on a person... or myself... quit isn't a word I know... but that always leaves me with more of a dilemma... no apparent options.

    I don't know where to begin to get through to him before its too late and I have to shoulder a lifetime of personal damage at the same time (this can really cloud my judgment)

    I think in this case all is lost and there really is nothing anyone can say or do to help but feelings of dispair and hoplessness are 100% with me, so I cant rely on my own thoughts... learned a long time ago not to trust those. Only thing that can tell is time.

    Cant even talk to him at times... he just shuts off.

    Its just brutal.
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    Welcome to SF!

    First of all, your friend is so very lucky to have a friend like you and it sounds like it's taking a heavy toll on your own well being.

    Most of us here are on, or have been on anti-depressant medication and are seeing, or have seen professional therapists. Even if he's already tried, I think you should suggest these methods in an attempt to get him some help.

    If it's already been tried, he should try again. The bottom line though, is that you must take care of yourself. You can't help him unless you are also o.k.

    We will be here to help you with ideas for your friend, but we are here for YOU!

    Please let us know what kind of help he's gotten, if any...and continue to talk to us for support for yourself. Feel free to send me a private message if you want to. There are many caring, wonderful people here who can help!