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    Okey, right now to really explain what's bothering i'm gonna have to go back to a while. So letting you know now that you can just click away cause this will be boring. gonna try and make it short.

    So, last summer i came all the way from Europe to live w/ my oncle, aunt and their 3 kids for a while. My family kinda needed a break from my problems. Not so much fun really but i got used to it and we got along most of the time. but then thing changed.

    Last nov, my aunt filed for divorce. this came as a big shocker for us all, but we all thought they would end up back together again, no big deal there. She started regretting it but my uncle found a new one. (well didn't know that untl i woke up one morning and she was there, and never left) I guess she was living there before i knew who she was. The day after the divorce was final they got married. And she was a Bitch, calling herself my mother and telling my niece that her mommy didn't wan't her, she was a compulsice liar and so much more. that pretty much went up and down. they would fight, she would leave, then come back. (Hated her)

    Last month thou they really broke up (at night, wasn't there) next morning she was gone but there was a new lady in the house. (Yes, the next day) She wasn't as bad as the other one but shes getting worse. At first she was all sweet and nice but now, well. when she moved in she brought her 3 girls. Who btw are spoiled brats who destructs everything they see, trash my room daily. but it is never her kids who did. is something happends she will go straight to attacking my youngest niece, has a big attitide towards both my nieces, not so much my nephew. (so pretty much her kids are angels, my uncles are devils who constantly needs to be screamed at and punished)

    So, to the real reason i posted. Last saturday my uncle and her had a really big fight so he left the house, but he hasn't come back yet, and i don't know where he is. so i thought my day couldn't get crappier until i came home from school and her kids had trashed my room (AGAIN) it was really bad. half my stuff are ruined. books all over the floor ripped open. memorable collectons destroyed. So i went straight to the gym to clear my head, went home when they closed.

    Now i'm stuck alone w/ her and the kids until she goes to work and i'll be alone. (not in a alone i will be a harm to myself, this is not a suicide post) but alone as in i'l be up binging and purging all night, disgusting i know. but that's what i do........

    *edit: i'm 18 now, so as soon as i graduate i will be going back home....
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    Does any other family relatives like cousins, other aunts and uncles, know about your current situation as well as the past ones?
    Also perhaps they might have a clue where your uncle has gone to.

    As for your room, can you lock it or perhaps lock your stuff away?
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    The rest of my family lives in Europe, so knowing wouldn't do anything, As for my oncle, he came home on wednesday. But situation didn't improve..
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    Have you spoken to your uncle since he came home about this most recent incident?