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Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by kiwiguy, Jan 16, 2011.

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  1. kiwiguy

    kiwiguy Member

    I did it again... got really, really drunk and made a fool of myself. Talked to my new neighbors (2 girls) i dont remember what i said to them but i remember them walking away and calling me a fucking freak and laughing...

    What makes me so disgusting?? Why do i feel like i should keep my mouth shut around people??

    Argggh i feel like im losing my mind : ( The hangovers just get worse and worse!! They are so threatning!! Its like i have another conscience sitting next to me with a disgusted look on his face making me feel utterly pathetic.

    I just want to go to sleep forever. I dont feel so worthless in my dreams..
  2. Cute_Angel_Xx

    Cute_Angel_Xx Account Closed

    Your not worthless hear either :hug: It seems like your drinking has become very bad and seems to be affecting you I would start looking forr some help and support for this as it won't get better but affect you more. There are many groups out there that supprt people with drinking issues, if you look at they have a lot of infomation on drinking. Drinking is also used as a Anti Depressant learnt that in school, so its not un common if you are feeling depressed to drink. I'll paste some articles about drinking here when I get on my computer for now please check out take care x
  3. may71

    may71 Well-Known Member

    I don't think that it is that you are so disgusting, it's just that a lot of people are really rude

    if the girls laughed at you, I think it is because they are rude people

    being drunk may make you seem unpresentable to people, and I think that once you seem like an "outsider" to some people, they feel like it's ok to abuse you.

    you may have also said something off-color to them, but that doesn't justify their saying such nasty things

    do you think you are an alcoholic? quitting drinking might be good for you

    getting some treatment for your depression might help

    also, getting some positive support around you would help a lot

    would you want to go to aa or some kind of therapy?
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