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    And so, yet another time
    Wrap my arms around myself,
    Step out into the world
    Once more, yet once more,
    Silence the voices,
    silence the jeers
    Drown out the cries,
    drown out the fears.
    blink away the blur,
    wave away the haze,
    Close my eyes to the pinpoint flashes
    Open my soul, let the dark shout,
    Open the windows of my mind,
    Let the blackness seep out...
    Let myself fall off the deep end
    Touch, feel, comprehend
    Let myself breathe
    Let myself fly
    Let myself live.
    Let myself live...
    Once again, yet once again..

    I'm haunted by you..
    Forever in my heart,
    For ever, and ever, and ever..
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.