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  1. bex_on_screen

    bex_on_screen New Member

    I really don't know what to do anymore, my nan hates me the most conversation we have these days is when she's saying i'm not good enough or that i never do anything right. I've just broken up with my bf because i can't put him through all this crap. And if i told my therapist she will just send me straight to their mental health unit and then i'll have no chance of doing anything whether i want to live or die.
    I can't even talk to anyone if i told my family they will jus say i'm doing it for attention, i'm really not, i've been hanging on with my fingertips for so long now. I just don't have any energy left to fight any of this any more i just want to fade away, i'm so scared of dying but i feel its the only way to stop myself from hurting and disappointing people and stop this almighty pain in my heart.
    I'm sick of pretending everything is fab, i have to go to work and put this smile and expression on my face when i jus want to break down and cry! College is so much worse that i've stopped going i jus can't cope with my tutors telling me that i'm not good enough or dedicated enough to succeed. All i want to do is succeed and make my family proud.
    I just want to do is scream out that i can't carry on, that i can't live like this anymore, existing, hurting the people i care for the most.
    I've been thinking about killing myself for so long now, i settled on March because nothing is happening then but i don't know whether i can last that long, i don;t think i can last till Christmas.
    Anyway there is my crisis a bit longer than i thought but there's me wasting peoples precious time.
  2. RySp123

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    Dont accept expectations to be put on yourself and accept yourself as you are, as as you are you can live with, if you pretend to be or become as others wish you will loose yourself hun.

    take it a day at the time and live your life for you.

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