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here is my story

Discussion in 'Welcome' started by Jessieblue, Jan 1, 2014.

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  1. Jessieblue

    Jessieblue Member


    when i was 13 I tried to kill my self i toke a ton of my mums medication and was taken to hospital where the doctor looked at me with pity i have never tried to do anything like that since but get dark days when feel nothing in my life is right and i think about ending it all but then I look at my 12 year old brother and wonder what kind of damaged would that cause him if i topped my self :/

    I am now a 32 year old woman with no children and no home of her own and no proper job or a lovely group of friends. yes it is my fault as i dont let people in. my boyfriend who i now think is my ex as just found out he spent new year eve with his ex has completely broken my heart it was only last week he told me how I mean to him and how much he loves me so am confused with why he spent nye else where. Yep I feel a complete loser and my dad is right I would never have a family, good friends or nice job he is right. the only thing that is stopping me right now from topping my self is my brother. but deep down i feel like a complete loser and crap and worthless. i dont want to live this way all i want is the simple things in life...........
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  2. Mr Stewart

    Mr Stewart Well-Known Member

    Hello Jessie and welcome to SF. I'm not certain of much in life but I do know, to a certainty, that things do change, things can get better. Your father is wrong.

    Take care, okay? And keep posting.
  3. Freya

    Freya Loves SF Staff Member ADMIN SF Author

    Hi Jessie

    I am glad that you found us. 32 is not too old to make changes - I certainly hope so as I am 32 myself and embarking this year on a series of changes I hope will improve my life. You are not a complete loser and anyone who tells you that you are is not only wrong, they are not people you need in your life.

    You have every right to HAVE thing things that you want. It is not necessarily going to be easy to get them - it is not necessarily going to be fast. My motto of the week (and hopefully the year) is "for things to change, things have to change".

    Stay here - talk to us. Come to chat if you are able. There are people here in very similar boats to you - you are not alone I assure you.

    Stay safe :hug:
  4. Jessieblue

    Jessieblue Member

    thank you for your kind words u are totally right for things to change things have to change. i am actually having a good day i have weird mood changes lol one minute laughing at nothing the next thinking my life is over. hope ur ok?
  5. Jessieblue

    Jessieblue Member

    thank u for your kind words hope u r ok?
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