Here It comes again

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    Yesterday I actually didn't feel all that bad, especially since it was Valentine's Day. Today wasn't all that bad either. I went for brunch with two friends and then I went to see Friday the 13th with one of them. Well she ended up getting really scared and buried herself into my shoulder like you see them do in the movies. We don't see each other that way and she has a bf but it definitely was a nice experience to go to the movies with someone and have it happen.

    But now I think of it and it's bittersweet because it's not likely to happen with an actual date any time soon, if at all. And thinking of ways to try and have it happen again makes me think of everything else. I'm on my reading week (a week without classes) and everyone else has gone home to their friends and family. I have no friends or family to go home to so I'm staying here all by myself. I have $50 for groceries for the week and then I have no more money. I don't know what I'm going to do for a week with no money and no body.

    I'll end up thinking about my life and I'll see the list. No person, no money, no home. And oh great, I turn 24 in a week. FUCK
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    hey. been there - back in my ''''salad days''''. 50 bucks for the week. means a lot of spaghetti..... :sad:

    just saying - hoping things get better. i am much older, but 'get' being lonely.

    will be thinking of you - and- there IS someone out there for you to date.....usually when you are not looking.... pm if you need to talk - (((hugs for sure))) xx
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    50 bucks!?

    First get beer. 8 bucks

    Then get cheap produces , i.e., green onions 2/98 cents 5 dollars

    A bit of fruit 3 dollars

    something sweet 2-3 dollars

    pasta -- not ramon because it's, maybe get a little. 6 dollars

    25 bucks. That's my shopping list for the week. When not buying something delicious like gin or cigarettes.

    If you have olive oil, you can take pasta and some of your produce to make a nice sauce. Or you can splurge on meat.

    I'm sorry to hear you'll be all alone. Hopefully you have some good books?

    Feeling lonely about being lonely is the worst. But just because you don't feel like it'll happen now, doesn't mean that it won't happen. The way I see it, you're going out with friends and your friend trusts you enough to bury your head in your arm. Those are great traits : Friendly and someone to keep people safe.

    With a little confidence you can do well.

    And why knock 24!? It's a great number. :tongue:

  4. Mightbehere

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    At least your at collage, many people in America never get that opportunity.
  5. Bigman2232

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    You probably don't want to even get me started on the waste that is Canadian University. Honestly, a library pass, a list of books and maybe a few online sites and I'd probably learn more and pay nothing. Now I'm $35000 in debt and have nothing to show for it. Just anger and a wish to die.