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Here it comes the real me ;)

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Well, what can I say? Actually i don't like introduction threads cause I never know what to write...
I hope it's ok for me to write here cause i'm not a native english speaker. I'm living in Germany, but I really like the english language(And I hope I'm not making too many mistakes ;) ).
However the main reason why I'm here is cause i'm suffering from depression and social anxiety. I feel really lonely and sad most of the time, I barely have any friends (only over the internet).

I'm 19 (20 next month) years old and go to school(13th grade in a german "Gymnasium").
I like watching movies and listening to music. That's also where I got my name: It's the title of the latest movie by Martin Scorsese(One of my favorite directors) and also the title of a song by Helloween(which is not related to the movie).

Hm, well, but that shall be all for now(cause I'm running out of things to say), see you!

the departed
:welcome: to SF departed. You write English very well. There was nothing I was unable to understand. I hope to see you around the forum. Take care. :hug:


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Welcome to the forum Departed!:smile: Your english is very good. Hope to see you around. I'm sure you'll make lots of good friends here - I did.:smile:

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