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Discussion in 'Family, Friends and Relationships' started by meagainstme, Jul 19, 2007.

  1. meagainstme

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    Well yes, I am a lesbian and had my own fair share of issues when coming and dealing with homophobia, however I am TOTALLY open about my sexuality and very proud, so I'm here to say that if anyone needs help or advice or just someone to chat to about their issues with their sexuality feel free to PM me. I'll be more than happy to lend an ear :) stay safe x
  2. Jenny

    Jenny Staff Alumni

    Thank you for posting and offering your ear/shoulder to people here.

    Jenny x
  3. Isa

    Isa Well-Known Member

    Very thoughtful of you *hug
  4. phylip

    phylip Member

    hi in not a homosexual but i have got alot of friends that are openly gay and are the best mates i could ask for
    are also have friends that are homophobics if they cant accept the fact i have gay friends then they are very small minded and dont value my friendship and they should choose new friends
  5. ~CazzaAngel~

    ~CazzaAngel~ Staff Alumni

    That's very sweet of you to offer an ear to others. Thank you for being here for everyone. :hug:
  6. Darkness N Light

    Darkness N Light Staff Alumni

    Thank you so much for your offer of help and support. I know that it will be appreciated very much so by everyne. Once again thank you so very much. Take care and I love you. :hug: :cheekkiss :hug: :cheekkiss :hug: :cheekkiss :hug: :cheekkiss

    With Love,
    Crystal :hug: :cheekkiss
  7. Blackness

    Blackness Guest

    congrats for becoming the proud person you are. :)
  8. Unique

    Unique Member

    Hey, I'm pretty sure I'm bi. I've always had crushes on girls but thought it was just me finding my feet, and then about 2 years ago I got strong feelings for a girl. I'm quite a needy person and always want to be loved so I was scared that just coz she showed me love I was just grabbing it and thinking I was in love coz she cared for me. But now we have been in a relationship for about 21 months and we have gone all the way so I'm thinking I can't be experimenting anymore right? This has gotta be the real deal. I'm still attracted to men and would still date a man if I were single.
  9. blade

    blade Well-Known Member

    thanks hun for giving that message hun.
  10. Myself

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    I'm not homosexual, but I'll listen to you and stuff like that. Becuase I wanna help. I won't be much for talking to the person, as I wouldn't know much, but still. I'll try to help.
  11. daytona0

    daytona0 Active Member

    I'm always here too, i'm 19 and bi and very open about it :biggrin: Pm me anyone who would like to chat :smile: and ill give you my msn
  12. TranceAngel

    TranceAngel Well-Known Member

    add me to the list of those with big shoulders and hearts. as an openly gay man for over 25 years, i am here to listen and offer a hand.
  13. *dilligaf*

    *dilligaf* Staff Alumni

    that's very kind of you hun :hug: im sure there are many people on this site who will be glad of someone to listen to them without judging :) :hug: